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The diet company is a relatively new company that, according to them, offers “webshop and dietary advice for you who are beginners, athletes or between them”. In their online store you will find supplements from famous brands such as NOCCO, Never Vila, Nutramino, Fairing and Olimp.
Their most sold product in the range right now is the popular protein powder Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard.

The diet company currently offers 15% discount for all new customers who use a discount code.

Use the discount code nykund15 when you complete your purchase at checkout.

The discount code for billigt vassle protein  is valid until 2017-01-31. 15% discount for new customers. does not apply to already discounted goods.

Are you already a customer at Kostbolaget, or do you feel that you would rather get free shipping than a discount? Instead, use the discount code freight free, giving free shipping on an order and also valid until the end of January this year. The two discount codes can not be combined.

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Popular cheap protein bars Goodlife is released as protein powder
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Star Nutrition Goodlife Protein Powder
Goodlife protein bars from the nutrition supplement Star Nutrition are some of my favorite bars when it comes to flavor. Now, Star Nutrition has chosen to release these popular and affordable protein bars as protein powders! The protein powder is called Goodlife Protein Powder and is found in the flavors you recognize from their bars, such as Caramel Choco, Chocolate Fantasy, Coconut Dream and Nutty Peanut.

How to describe the new protein powder at Gymgrossisten:

Now, after many requests from our customers, we have finally produced a protein powder that meets the same quality and taste standards as the protein bar. With its rich consistency, rich taste profile and milkshake-like aroma, Goodlife Protein Powder makes special mention of the name “Goodlife”.
A bag of Goodlife Protein Powder is 750 grams and contains 120 kcal, 5 grams of carbohydrate and 21 grams of protein per serving. The protein is of the type of whey

A bag costs at $ 115 at Gymgrossisten and if you have a look at them, they also have a discount on a box of 15 protein bars from Goodlife.

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